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Born in Manzini, Swaziland |

Wil’s family had a very good life in Swaziland. Still, his parents thought Canada could provide better opportunities for the children, and so at three years of age, Wil and his family came to Toronto. Throughout his life Wil has continued to travel and has had the privilege of experiencing many different cities and cultures. Toronto, he feels, is a city where there is always an adventure to be had and you can find a little bit of everything.

Toronto as Home

Music has always been a significant part of Wil’s life. He currently works as an Artist Management Representative and Music Consultant at Nova Music Group. For more than a decade Revival Bar, where he is standing, has hosted many artists from Nova Music Group’s impressive roster. This important venue has always supported his personal business endeavors and he likes the fact that it regularly showcases the music of many different cultures.

Connection with the Past

Wil’s grandparents gave his parents love, support and encouraged them to explore the world.

“My grandparents were the first to come to Canada – eventually encouraging, and subsequently sponsoring, all of our family to move to Canada. They are both no longer with me but their strength, courage and determination – while living under apartheid - has been a deep source of motivation.”

One of Wil’s fondest memories is of his grandparents visiting for an extended period of time. His grandmother was always full of life and quick to play the piano and sing. She had a great sense of humour, and danced whenever she could. His grandparents will live on in his heart forever.

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