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Born in Banjul, Gambia |

After living in many African and European countries, in 2012 Yerro chose to call Canada home. He came to Toronto because he  thought it was a place where he would be able to grow. So far he has made many important friendships and feels as if this is an ideal environment to try to reach the many goals he has set for himself. Yerro is pursuing a degree in Political Science and Kinesiology at York University.

Toronto as Home

Yerro is sitting in his apartment beside York University’s main campus where he lives with his Kenyan roommate Phillip. This place symbolizes the home he is trying to build for himself in Toronto. For his first year he lived on campus, so this apartment will be remembered as his first real home in the city.

Connection with the Past

This white and gold prayer robe was made by one of Yerro’s relatives with the material and design being chosen by his mother. He explains how in Gambia it is used during important prayers and ceremonial activities.

“This is highly valuable to me because it is my connection to my original culture.”

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