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Born in Havana, Cuba |

While touring as part of a famous Cuban band through Japan in 2008, Yosvani’s life would be changed forever. After performing, he had a conversation with a fan about the impact Hurricane Gustav had on his grandmother’s home in Cuba, and this was overheard by the chaperoning government officer. The officer felt that his conversation reflected poorly on Cuba and informed Yosvani that he would be punished once he returned home. The band had an overnight layover in Toronto on their way back, and fearing persecution; he contacted friends here and stayed in Canada. Yosvani has not returned since. Yosvani has now formed lasting connections in Toronto, a place he says “the world can call home”. In the city he has friends who have become family, and this is where he met his wife. Currently Yosvani works as a professional violinist.

Toronto as Home

Lula Lounge is a concert venue where most Latin musicians, new and old, famous and just starting out, come to play. It was where Yosvani first began playing with bands in Toronto and where he first became connected to the city as a newcomer. This establishment gave Yosvani his first start and that is why he feels at home standing on Lula Lounge’s stage.

Connection with the Past

Yosvani’s violin has taken him all over the world. Beginning to play the violin when he was seven years old, he describes it as his “passion, life, and art.” Yosvani explains how music speaks to people and expresses things that sometimes as humans alone we cannot. His art and his life is his music – which can only happen with his violin.

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