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Born in Nairobi, Kenya |

Zahra’s parents left politically unstable east Africa for Canada hoping to find prosperity and to give Zahra and her brothers more opportunities for success. Since then, Zahra has lived in a number of Canadian cities while pursuing her education, but she says her spirit resides in Toronto. There is no other place where she can enjoy the kaleidoscope of people and wonderful cosmopolitan feel that nurtures all facets of her persona. Currently Zahra works as a Family Physician and describes herself as a “closet writer and yoga teacher”.

Toronto as Home

Winter in Toronto has its own special wonder for Zahra. Her favourite spot is Mill Pond in Richmond Hill, the hub in her community for all-season outdoor fun. Practicing on ice skates while in nature’s embrace has become a staple winter activity for Zahra and her family.

“Skating brings on a rush of blood to the cheeks and a cold that seeps to the tip of my nose.”

Connection with the Past

On her first trip back to Kenya in 1979 Zahra’s nani (grandmother) gave her a Masai doll dressed in traditional garb and this was the beginning of her doll collection. Whenever she looks at this doll, it brings back indelible memories of sitting on the back steps of her nani’s house in Nairobi shelling peas with the other women of the house. These gatherings taught her the importance of the ‘kitchen wisdom’ that is handed down from one generation to the next.

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