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Born in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong |

Britain’s handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 was a major worry for Ziphion and his family. In a visit to Canada shortly before the handover, Ziphion became interested in the wide variety of creative subjects taught in Canadian public schools, such as animation and graphic design. This inspired him to leave Hong Kong and complete his high school education in Toronto. After graduating he continued his studies at the University of Toronto and started his career as an engineer. Ziphion appreciates the fact that there are four distinct seasons in Canada and that it actually snows at Christmas. With more than ten winters spent in the snowy mountains skiing and snowboarding, he became a volunteer member of the Canadian Ski Patrol. For Ziphion the long working hours, materialistic society, propaganda in the media, political instability, and less daily interaction with nature were key reasons for him to leave Hong Kong for Toronto

Toronto as Home

Ziphion wanted to be photographed with his motorcycle in the back alleys of downtown Toronto’s Fashion District - at the intersection of Augusta Avenue and Rush Lane. The art-covered alleys and little gardens near his workplace are an example of the different kinds of life found behind these bustling neighbourhood offices and shops. This motorcycle has allowed him to explore, with friends, the natural beauty of Ontario’s country roads, mountains and lakes.

Connection with the Past

Ziphion attended Wah Yan College Hong Kong (WYCHK), a well-known high school established by Jesuit priests during Hong Kong’s colonization. It has a long history of academic excellence and it is highly competitive to get into. During his teens Ziphion wore this tie and badge every morning to school, along with his uniform – a white shirt and long dark grey pants. He feels that because he was taught in English there, he was better prepared for his life in Canada. The cross on the school tie also reflects his own connection with Christianity.

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